About Me & Blog


Hi, I’m Mike! I’m a prepper, survival and preparedness enthusiast.

I’m preparing for the worst. You never know what’s going to happen. Natural disaster, wildfire, civil unrest, government goes crazy, solar sends EMP or some asshole drops a nuke or starts conventional war. Maybe your plane goes down and you’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere?! Who knows. Maybe Ebola mutates and infects the whole world. My point is that you just need to be prepared and if you’re well prepared for the worst, all less serious emergency situations are “easy” to handle.

My short story why I’m writing this survival blog

There was time when I wasn’t well prepared and ready… and guess what, SHTF. I’m not going to details because it’s still *** and lot of blood & guts. I’m happy to be alive. I survived because there was others who were ready and I got help. But I got help too late to help my family. That was my fault. I wasn’t ready. I decided that IF I’LL SURVIVE I’ll make sure that I’ll be ready for whatever comes and I’ll spread the word and help as many as I can to start preparing for the worst and to be ready to save their family and their own life. That’s the reason why I’m writing this survival blog. I hope that this information will help at some day someone to survive.

Being prepared for SHTF isn’t rocket sience

Good news are that to be ready & prepared you just need the information and some basic survival skills. It’s nothing complicated. This is not rocket science. More you know, more likely you’re going to survive. It’s up to ability to get food, water, shelter and protect yourself. The problem is that you don’t know when and where SHTF. You don’t know if severe weather hits when you’re at home, or if it happens when you’re at work or at vacation and another side of the world. So, you need skills that you’ve always with you and then you need to have essential survival items at home and ready for use.

Most likely you don’t need guns & ammo to survive (but it doesn’t hurt to have few…). Most likely it’s up to water, food and shelter. Therefore you need to have emergency food supply ready at home and maybe at your survival cache in the woods. Therefore you need to know how to get clean water if there’s no normal water sources available. You need to know how to build a survival shelter and how to start a fire without matches and how to cook. Of course it’s good to have also self defense skills, but keep in your mind that most likely it’s not going to be about fighting. I’m just saying this because so many thinks that being a prepper is just about playing with guns what it’s not.

Long term surviving could be and most likely will be also about self-sufficiency. Therefore you might want to at least know how to be self sufficient. For people living in urban areas that’s usually hardest thing if they’ve never seen from where chicken egg or beef actually comes. Know how to raise chickens, how to fish and how to hunt even without rifle (or hightech crossbow).

Let’s be ready!

From the Do It Yourself category you’ll find all kind of essential survival DIY skills you might need in emergency situation. From the Survival Skills category you’ll find my articles about all kind of essential survival skills & knowledge. Skills are nice because once you have the skill, you’ve it always especially if you practice those time to time. Emergency Food and Water category is maybe the most important because without clean drinking water and food you’re not going to survive whatever survival items and skills you have.

Surviving is also about your mindset. That’s important thing to notice. Keep yourself calm and think before you act. Those two things helps a lot whatever the situation is!

Let’s be ready!


P.S. You can download all of my blog posts as a PDF and print them on the paper. (There’s a PDF download link at the end of each page.) I encourage you to do that! Internet might go down for various reasons and when there’s no online access you can’t access all the essential survival information online. Print these articles and keep them on the folder. Of course it’s best to learn all the skills so, you don’t need any instructions when SHTF.