How to Make a Simple Oil Lamp


how to make oil lampIrrespective of the situation or the environment you are in, when night comes, you should never let yourself stay in the dark. This is simply because the task of making an oil lamp is as simple as counting 1 to 3. Making DIY emergency oil lamp is practical survival skill and oil lamp is good source of light when power is not available. Here’s‘s guide to making a simple oil lamp and being ready like a Lamplighter!

First, you’ll need either a glass or a heavy plastic bottle. (You can use also a can or take a look what we have on the photo!)

This ought to have a screw-on lid. You’ll also need to have a sharp object, such as a drill, nail or metal compass; a strong fabric that’s made of 100 percent cotton (you can use an old sock); olive oil and lastly; a pair of scissors.

Watch video how to make a simple DIY oil lamp

To get started, remove the lid from the bottle and use a compass, nail or drill to poke a hole through it. You need to do this carefully so as to not injure yourself. Though the above three tools are good enough, if you have a drill, then the better: a drill will get the job done faster hence save you both time and energy.

Next, get the wick ready. This will require that you use your scissors to cut a thin and long strip of cotton fabric that will be used as the wick.

After this, you’ll need to get the wick through the hole on the bottle’s lid. You need to do this slowly and carefully. However, if the hole is too tight, you’ll need to widen it. This is because a very tight hole will prevent oil from climbing up the wick. Conversely, a very wide hole may cause the wick to slide down. Thus, you ought to make sure that it’s of the right size.

Once ready, screw the cap back on the bottle; pull a few inches of it through the cap and, check to see how far the rest of it goes in the bottle. In case you intend to only use oil, then, the wick can be as long as possible. But, if you intend to mix the oil with water (oil floats on water), then, you’ll need to make sure that the wick doesn’t go past the mark where the water will be reaching).

When all is ready, fill up the bottle with oil. Make sure that the oil doesn’t go all the way to the top of the bottle. Then, screw the cap on. In case you are using both oil and water, first put the required amount of water in the bottle and if necessary, decorate it with food coloring. Then, add the oil before putting back the wick and screwing the cap on. Always make sure that there are no bubbles in the oil at the time you are screwing the cap.

The final step is to let the wick sit in oil for a couple of minutes so that it can thoroughly soak in oil. When all is ready, light your brand new oil lamp and enjoy!

Safety Measures

Only use a cotton fabric to make the wick. This is because other materials, such as polyester, end up producing highly toxic fumes when lit.

Also, make sure that the cap is screwed tightly before lighting the lamp. This helps prevent accidents that may result when the lamp is knocked over. Sure, you don’t want to burn your survival shelter by accident in the middle of the night!

You can also do DIY emergency oil lap using a can! the below video show you how to do that!

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