D.I.Y. Fresnel Solar Cooker and how to use solar to cook


Solar-CookerHow does solar cooking work? Cooking with solar involves harnessing the solar power and concentrating all the solar rays at one point to provide the energy needed to cook. That could be a hotter cooker than a ordinary camp fire or a barbeque grill! To do this, you need to know how to make a solar cooker which will help you to cook warm food using the solar energy. That’s important skill especially in emergency / SHTF situations! Here’s SurvivalBarracks.com‘s guide for solar cooking & ovens!

How to make and use cheap fresnel solar cooker to make warm food

You don’t need any expensive equipment. There are different types of solar cookers but a Fresnel solar cooker is the easiest solar cooker you can make yourself and this is a crucial survival home appliance. You only need Fresnel lenses sheets, pieces of wood, pieces of metal and square nuts. It’s easy D.I.Y. project!

Here’s video showing simple fresnel solar cooker in use!

Steps in making a DIY Fresnel solar cooker

A Fresnel lens of 30’’ by 40’’ is needed to make this solar cooker. This is quite a big lens which can be hard to come by but if you look on eBay you will find it. Another option is to look for an old fashioned TV (or any TV with suitable screen) and just behind the screen you will find Fresnel lenses.

Make a wooden frame to support the Fresnel lenses. The frame needs to be two layers 1’’ by 3’’ so that Fresnel can fit perfectly. To make the frame make sure the corners overlap each other. The lens can be fitted between the two layers of wood to make sure it is stable.

A stand will also be needed to support the frame carrying the lens. It is unrealistic to hold the lens all through your cooking so a movable and adjustable stand is very important for this solar cooker. The stand should be stable on the ground and the frame of the lens should be fitted to the stand in such a way it can rotate in and out of the stand depending on the direction of the rays.

A stand to support the cooking pot will be required. This is best made using metal pieces and pieces of nuts. A circular-shaped stand just like that of a normal cooking is made to hold the pot. The circular shaped stand which looks exactly like a burner should be big enough to hold a cooking pot. A metal bar which can be adjusted to different heights will be needed to control the height of the cooking pot. This is optional because you can still make a rigid stand.

Using the cooker

The cooker is quite easy to use for any recipes. For scrambled eggs place the cooking pan the cooking stand and then adjust the frame according to the direction of the rays. This will take about 2 to 3 minutes before they are ready.

The only challenge with this cooker is the fact that you have to be keen and adjust the frame of the lens every 15 minutes. This is because you have to aim the sun rays and they keep changing from time to time so have to keep monitoring them.

If you choose a complicated design of the cooker it means that you might need to adjust the height of the cooking pot from time to time.

This is generally a friendly and survival method of cooking not forgetting the fact that it is energy friendly and a very economical method of cooking.

More information about how to use solar to cook can be read from wikipedia article.

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