How to start Fire Without Matches or a Lighter


How to start Fire Without MatchesOne of the most essential survival skills in the wilderness is being able to build a fire without matches or a lighter.

Should you drop the matches into water or the lighter gets lost, you should know how to make a fire using natural and household & wilderness objects / otems. Depending on the materials you have, this can be easy or it can take a few hours. But anyway, fire is going to start!

Here are‘s tips on how to start a fire in the situations you find yourself without matches or a lighter etc. easy tools. Getting fire started is actually easier than you might think! Just try and practice multiple methods before you really need these survival skills!

Video: How To Start A Fire Without Matches – Fire By Friction – The Bow Drill

Use Batteries and Steel Wool to Build a Fire

Find a battery and steel wool. Identify the battery terminals and rub the steel wool on them continuously to create friction. This will create a current through the small steel wires, which then heat up and glow. Gently blow on the steel wool as it begins to glow to help nurture and encourage the flame to spread. When the steel wool glows brightly, transfer it to a tinder nest quickly while continuously blowing gently on the nest till the tinder ignites. Alternatively, you can rub a metal paperclip on both terminals of a 9-volt battery simultaneously to create sparks.

Video: How to make sparks, flame, fire without matches or lighter

Use Flint and Knife to Start a Fire

Hold a flint rock between the forefinger and thumb. Allow about two inches of the flint to slightly extend past your grasp. Hold a piece of char cloth or lightweight tree fungus between the flint and your thumb. Quickly scrape the back of a knife blade against the flint. Strike continuously till sparks start to form. Catch the sparks with the char cloth. When the cloth starts to glow like an ember, transfer it to a tinder nest and lightly blow on it to create a flame.

Use a Magnifying Glass

Take a magnifying glass, binocular lenses or eye glass lenses and then tilt it toward the sun till the lens creates a tiny circle of focused light on the nest. Hold the lens in place till the tinder nest begins to smoke. Lightly blow on the nest to nurture the flame. For this method to work, the sun should be unobstructed by clouds.

Fashion a Hand Drill to Start Fire Without Matches or a Lighter

Find a piece of wood that you use as the base of the hand drill. Use a knife to cut a V-shaped notch at the center of the wood. The notch should be able to hold the spindle stick. Place small pieces of barks underneath the notch. These barks will help catch an ember from the resulting friction between the wood and spindle. The spindle stick should be two feet in length and have a diameter of half an inch. Place the stick in the notch while holding it between two flat palms. Begin to roll the stick back and forth. Make sure to push the firmly down into the wood. Continue to roll the stick quickly till an ember is created on the wood. Transfer the glowing ember to the small pieces of barks. Place the barks containing the embers onto a tinder nest. Continue to blow lightly on the nest to fully create a flame.

For all of the methods given above, you will require a tinder nest to nurture the embers or sparks that create the flame. Tinder nest can be made out of dry grass, leaves, bark, small sticks or any other dry plant material that can easily catch fire.

Be ready!

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