Why to Raise Chickens


Reasons Why to Raise ChickensBuilding your own chicken coop and raising own chickens is quite easy and there are many good reasons and benefits why you should do it.

You don’t need too much of space, you can build chicken coop on your backyard. Of course at urban environment there might be some regulations that doesn’t allow it, but if you live outside urban areas, it shouldn’t be a problem. As you can see from the photo, chicken coop doesn’t need to be complicated.

Reasons and benefits why to raise chickens at home

One of the biggest benefits of raising chickens is giving their eggs. Chicken eggs can be  eaten many ways such as scrambled, cooked and spoiled etc. Eggs are full of protein and nutritious taste good. And if you’re raising your own chickens in your backyard, you can get fresh eggs right from the source. Those are much more better than those bought from grocery store because.

It depends of breed and strain how fast chickens lay eggs. Chicken can start lay eggs into their teens (4-5 months old) and most will lay an egg every two days until production decreases. Egg production is high at summer and lower at winter times. You don’t need too many chickens to have always fresh eggs available. That makes chickens perfect “emergency food production machines” also when SHTF and food availability becomes generally a problem. If you raise own chickens at least you have always fresh eggs!336-x-280-large-rectangle2

Feeding your chickens is easy because chickens eat almost everything. That means you need to be carefully that you don’t give them unsuitable foods such as garlic or onions or badly spoiled food. However, you can give almost everything what’s left-over from your dining table, kitchen & fridge. You don’t need anymore throw food away, you can give it for your chickens and save on chicken food at the same time.

Raising chickens is quite easy because of all they need is a clean drinking water and food. You’ll need to fill water containers and give food / pellets daily. Of course you need to also collect fresh eggs daily and clean their coop few times in a month, generally once a week is fine. It’s also good to disinfect chicken coop twice a year, but that’s all you need to do to get fresh eggs every day!

If you are thinking of having chickens, please keep in your mind that chickens are social and you need at least few chickens. Alone they’re not doing well. Hens live quite long, usually up to 6 to 10 years!

Extra benefit of raising chickens is their poop! Chickens could fertilize your back yard naturally. If you let them walk around your lawn, you’ll get it fertilized organic way which is always the best way. Chickens will also cut your own yard. They love leaves and grasses and all the small bugs found there. It’s highly recommended to let you chickens roam on your yard also because studies show that in such case chicken eggs include more healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and are lower in cholesterol.

So, are you ready to start raising your own chickens and building chicken coop? If you’re living in the area where you can do that, it’s highly recommended!

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