Catastrophe Survival Kit Part 2


In previous part we looked at six catastrophe survival kit essentials, in this part two we go through six more items you want to make sure that you have always ready for use in your emergency disaster kit.

Catastrophe Survival KitFirst Aid Kit

It is significant to get a first aid kit in the vehicle and at home in order you’re never without it. In addition, this is an excellent spot in the event you require them to keep a supply of prescription drugs.

A first aid kit will be able to allow you to look after minor medical emergencies when it is difficult to get to help. In a disaster or weather crisis, medical employees get spread quite narrow.

It is helpful in order to take care of broken bones, scrapes, wounds, and other crises while you are waiting for professional attention.

Having a first aid handbook by means of your kit and taking first aid courses is a selection that is lifesaving. It’s possible for you to purchase first aid kits that are premade from many catastrophe survival supply firms or you’ll be able to put one together yourself piece by piece and eventually you will have a kit which could help in nearly every medical emergency. It is good to take a look what premade kit includes and make sure that nothing important is not missing.


Having a multitool in your disaster supplies permits you to have many tools in a tiny space. Place it on your preppers back back so it is always ready and available when needed.

A full size multitool will hold things like:

  • Pliers
  • Fork & spoon
  • wire cutters
  • knives
  • tools
  • screwdrivers
  • can opener.

This tool is going to prevent you from needing to have all the individual tools that perform exactly the same function.

Do not save on price with a multitool. You need a top quality tool that isn’t going to break when used at the first time. Expect to pay around a hundred dollars for a top quality tool which fulfills all your requirements. A top quality multitool is a must have in your catastrophe survival kit.


Having a method to navigate is essential, if you are forced to travel as a result of a catastrophe. GPS systems are the most exact method to locate your place and get directions. Nevertheless, you might be unable to utilize a GPS system in a crisis for various reasons.

For those who have a GPS system, ensure that you’ve got way to charge it. But have a solid backup plan also in case of out of power situations or if GPS signal is unavailable. An old fashioned map is extremely precious in a catastrophe. Keep a map of your region in a water tight bag if need be in order you could locate your method. Further more learn how to read and navigate with a map. These days there are many people who always use GPS and have never used a real map and have no any idea how to navigate with a map. So, they are unable to navigate when GPS fails.

Additionally take the time to take a look at a variety of evacuation paths so that when in the middle of an emergency you you will not need to spend time on that. Indicate / mark emergency routes in your map.


Shelter will likely be crucial during a catastrophe. There are various kinds of shelter to think about depending on your geographical place as well as your requirements. A lot of folks want a long-term structure that can protect them from twisters in addition to atomic or chemical fallout.

An underground shelter made of steel or concrete is optimum. It’s possible for you to expect to invest a large number of dollars to create this type of shelter. There are a number of measures you’ll be able to choose which can help you to remain safer if that is not a choice for you.

In case of some type of atmosphere contaminant, it is significant you have thick plastic sheeting and duct tape. These things could be utilized to seal off a a whole region of your house or a room in order you could avoid coming in touch with dangerous substances.

For a twister, you can choose a location of your house that is as under ground as possible and without windows. A toilet on the lowest floor of your house is your best bet in the event you do not have a place like that.

You also need to think about having shelter when you must evacuate and you can not use your house / apartment. A tent that can hold all of the members of your family is the most straightforward and most easy way to ensure you’ve always at least some kind of a shelter available.

Keep your tent by means of your emergency kit in order you could catch it and go in a crisis. After buying a tent, make sure it has opened and set it up so that you understand that you have all of the components. You might also have to add waterproofing if that has not been done.

camping-toilet-waste-management-in-emergencySanitation and waste can be problem during emergency

Another crucial factor during disaster survival is what to do with waste. Human waste can cause disorder if not disposed of correctly. The easiest method to deal with waste would be to get trash bag linings and a 5 gallon bucket.

The pail can be used by you as a makeshift toilet after which dispose of the trash bags. It is also possible to buy camping toilets which are essentially something similar, but using a layout that is more comfortable.

If you are going to be camping outside for a length period of time, building a latrine is an excellent method to deal with sterilization. A latrine is actually a pit you dig that is one foot broad and at least four feet long. Youwill need to dig below ground about 6 inches. You may use sticks to make somewhere to sit when visiting the restroom over the pit. After visiting the toilet, you can cover waste with earth from becoming powerful to maintain the smell. You can fill in the hole when you depart the place.

sun-dangers-preppersProtection from Sun burns

The sun could be your friend and your worst foe if you are outside. The sun certainly will light your way, and will be able to allow you to remain warm, can be utilized for a solar oven & getting energy with solar chargers. But additionally, it may cause problems for your own skin.

It is vital your emergency supplies include sunlight protection materials in your catastrophe survival kit. This consists of sunblock along with a broad brimmed hat. Keep in mind that also during the winter sunlight damage can be experienced. It is good to have also sunglasses in your prepper back back!

If you are outside in the sun, be sure to have sufficient drinking water to replace fluids which are being lost. You also need to ensure that you’ve long pants and long sleeve clothing to protect you from the beams of the sun.

Start preparing catastrophe survival kit essentials in your emergency disaster kit.

It is time to begin adding all these catastrophe survival disaster essentials to your own survival storage. Remember that you can not rely on other sources in case of emergency. Shops might be closed, sold out or destroyed. So, it is better to prepare while you can! Most folks can not manage to buy everything at once. However, what you could do is create a blueprint and by these step by step staring from the most important thigs such as water storage and purification items.

Set aside a particular amount of cash in your budget every month and get what you can until you’ve got whatever you need. Start with ensuring you’ve what you need for a 3 day survival kit, then add more and more.

For official gov information about catastrophe survival kit, you can visit

Make sure that you will also read the first part of Catastrophe Survival Skill Essentials.

Let´s be ready.


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