How to find directions without compass or map in wilderness


How to find directions without compassYou don’t have a compass or a map, and wish to find the directions? No problem, there are many ways to find directions without compass or map in wilderness.

It’s essential for any prepper to know these basic survival skills. You never know when technology fails, gps-networks goes off, your smart phone jams or you just find yourself in the middle of nowhere even without traditional compass or any kind of a map.

Here is what you can do to navigate and find directions without compass or map in wilderness.‘s guide to finding directions without compass or map in wilderness,

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Check time using solar tick method if you don’t have a clock – that shows direction as sun moves.

First check what time it is, if you are looking for directions during the day, then you must try the shadow stick method. All you need to do is get a 3-feet long stick and lay it on the ground. Then, mark the end of the shadow of the stick using a stone or anything similar. Wait for 30 minutes and again mark the tip of the shadow that is formed. Well, the connecting line between the two marks, which runs from west to east, indicates west with the first mark.

Another method that you can use is the observe the snow method. This is a method that is used where there is snow and the inference you can derive is that there is more snow on the slopes that face north.

Trees tell you where the north is!

If the above two methods do not work for you, then the third method that is used for finding directions without compass or map in wilderness is inspecting the older trees. It is usually believed that in the Northern Hemisphere, trees with thinner bark face southeast. Furthermore, there is more foliage on that side.

WhenHow to find directions without compass or map in wilderness bigger dipper sun goes down, you know where the west is!

If it’s evening time, then it is advised that you wait until the sunset. Since the sun always sets in the west, you know where to head. Now, if it’s night time, then find the North Star. This method works best when the moon is not in the crescent phase. You can do so by locating the Big Dipper. Follow the front edge of its cup, bottom to top, and then extend the line up, five times its length, until you are able to see the star.

Landmarks helps your keep the straight line and go to the right direction without compass

Once you have tried any of the above methods and know where you are heading, simply walk in a straight line. Find landmarks and go around the obstacles on alternating sides. This helps you to avoid going off the track at any point of time.

Once you recognize your intended walking direction, it is far from easy to walk in a truly straight line. Various theories have been gathered that explain the reason why individuals move in circles. Nevertheless, just about every single person has the tendency to veer in a particular direction in a consistent pattern, regardless of if they’re lost or not. Various irritant forces like the rain, wind, dust storms, snow storms and sunlight can lead a wanderer to ultimately deviate from the desired path. When meeting these obstacles on your intended path, it is essential to keep this in mind and to deliberately move to the left and right in order to pass obstacles.

In order to effectively follow a straight line in between 2 points without a compass, take advantage of landmarks. It is basic military practice to discover 2 landmarks ahead and simply line them, and perform identically when looking back. That should keep you at least about at the right track!

Knowing how to find directions without compass or map in wilderness is an essential survival skill, so be sure to train yourself to navigate without modern equipment or even without a map. It’s quite easy when you know what to do! I hope that you will not face any SHTF when you need to navigate in wilderness without a compass or map, but if SHTF happens… be ready! It simply works on logic and all you need to do is apply a bit of thinking and you are good to go.

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