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preparedness kitThere are lot of survival gear lists out there. Actually almost every survival blogger have created a own version. What I suggest is that you will not read all lists, because those just include same items in different order and you are wasting your time.

Instead get a one complete list and a long term plan and get fully prepared using those. There is one out there: The Ultimate Prepper Plan – 12 Months Step by Step Guide to Full preparedness. It helps you to build up long term survival food supply, get all items and skills step by step. There’s complete list and plan for each month what to get and how much and what skills to learn etc. Click here to find out more.

Download action checklist

Another angle to discover what survival items you will need is to think what actions you need to be ready. I have created a 33 page action check list, you can get it here: Download checklist!

List of 101 essential survival gear

However, survival gear list could be handy in many cases. So, here is my 101 survival gear list of essential items. You can just read it through and pick up some ideas or find out if something important is missing in your bug out bag. This list is mainly for items, which can be stored on a backbag. Obviously you can’t fit these all in a one bagkbag, so you need to chooce important items. Furthermore, there’re some bigger items you need to store at cellar or at your survival cache.

  1. Backbag (ergonomic, lighweight and durable, high quality)
  2. Water bottles (always filled)
  3. Water purification pills
  4. Water purification filter
  5. Larger water containers (always filled)
  6. Canned emergency food
  7. MREs
  8. Freeze dried food
  9. Fishing line
  10. Fishing pole
  11. Crossbow (for hunting & protection)
  12. Can opener
  13. Canteens
  14. Thermos
  15. Energy bars
  16. Camp stove
  17. Solar owen
  18. Grill
  19. Vitamin tablets
  20. First Aid Kit that fits in bug out bag
  21. Sewing kit
  22. Scissors
  23. Whistle
  24. Larger emergency reponse first aid kit
  25. Fuell canisters
  26. Fuell always in your tank
  27. Cell phone / smart phone
  28. Tablet / Notebook
  29. Two-way radios at least 2 pcs
  30. Weather radio
  31. HAM radio
  32. Compass
  33. Map of your area and larger area and region & country
  34. GPS
  35. Flashlight
  36. Led head lamp
  37. Signal mirror
  38. Solar battery charger
  39. Extra batteries
  40. Multi tool
  41. Pocket knife
  42. Survival knife / hunting knife
  43. Machette
  44. Axe
  45. Saw
  46. Shovel
  47. Hammer
  48. Tool kit (screwdrivers etc.)
  49. Tire repair kit
  50. Boots
  51. Heavy duty socks & extra pairs
  52. Gloves
  53. Chemical hand warmers
  54. Windproof jacket & pants
  55. Camoflaged jacket & pants
  56. Rain suit or poncho
  57. Reflective blanket
  58. Emergency survival tent (or camping tent)
  59. Sleeping bag
  60. Hammock
  61. Camping toilet
  62. Toilet paper
  63. Trash bags / other plastic / waterproof bags
  64. Soap
  65. Shampoo
  66. Razors
  67. Hand sanitizer
  68. Camping shower
  69. Waterproof matches
  70. Fire steel
  71. Magnesium fire starter
  72. Lighters
  73. Flares
  74. Oil lamp
  75. Lantern (Led and/or propane)
  76. Tarp
  77. Personal documents
  78. Cash money
  79. Gold coins
  80. Stun gun
  81. Pepper spray
  82. Hand gun
  83. Riffle
  84. Ammo
  85. Sandbags (Protection from water & bullets!)
  86. Barbwire
  87. Body Armor
  88. Binoculars
  89. Sunscreen
  90. Sunglasses
  91. Face masks N95
  92. Latex gloves
  93. Hand Sanitizer
  94. Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide
  95. Wind generator for electricity
  96. Solar panels for electricity
  97. Fuel generator
  98. Rope
  99. Chain
  100. Duck tape
  101. Guitar or other instument, board games, playing cards etc.

I know how hard it is to start preparing, but you shouldn’t delay. SHTF can happen tomorrow. However, it is extremely hard to get ready only using this kind of survival gear lists. Why? Because you need also a plan and it must be long term plan. You still can put together 72 hours bug out bag quite easily, but how about preparing for one year? It is possible, but definately it requires not only a complete list but also a perfect plan. That’s what I have created! I have done The Ultimate Prepper Plan – 12 Months Step by Step Guide to Full preparedness. It helps you to build up long term survival food supply, get all items and skills step by step. Find out more: The Ultimate Prepper Plan!

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