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Survival Workout RoutinesTabata Workout is a perfect for survival training. It takes only 4 minutes a day and you can do it just four times per week. You can do Tabata workout also in a small place, so it can be done also indoors even in a small room just to keep yourself in a good shape. (Yes, think just very bad & sad situations – you need to stay in good condition and ready to strike!) And that’s what Tabata does, It pushes your body to it’s limits. In anaerobic state, so there’s no oxygen left. That’s perfect state for enhance endurance and increase cardiovascular conditioning. Here’s basic guide to Tabata exercises!

You need to do fast continuous moves 20 seconds, take 10 seconds pause and repeat that eight times. There’s lot of good moves you can do without any equipment. Try for example burpees, high knees, jumping jacks, jump squats, lounge jumps etc. You can also use kettlebell if available to make some moves even more powerful. Just make sure that you push your body to it’s limits and Tabata keeps you fit!

Be ready also physically

To be able to survival during emergency, disaster or any crisis you will not only need skills, equipment and mental health but you need to be also in a good physical condition and it is very important to be able to maintain your condition while situation lasts. In many emergency situations it might not be able to do “normal” exercises such as running or go to gym. Luckily we have this  alternative, which is also much more effective than traditional exercising.

Watch the training video

Here’s video made by certified personal trainer showing all you need to know about this effective survival workout method! It takes only 7 minutes to watch & learn! The idea is quite simple. Just repeat continuously and fast 20 seconds the move of your choice and take short pause and repeat eight times pushing yourself to the limits every time.

Tabata infographics

There’s no reason why you should not include Tabata workout training in your survival workout routines. At least you need to learn the method which is very easy. The infographics below explains basics. Most likely you’re already familiar with few moves you can use. So, let’s start training and stay in a good condition & ready for whatever comes!

tabata survival workout



Tabata training workout routines for survivalists. These keeps you ready for whatever comes! I don’t have time for all kind of gym clubs & girls drinks, but I’ve four minutes three times every week and results are what counts. Are you going to survive? Learn Tabata training workout routines for survivalists. Don’t waste your time!

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