How to throw a knife straight


Learn to how to throw a knife straight like a ninja!

how to throw knifeYou might be wondering how it’s possible to throw a knife and get it on the target. That’s actually quite easy to learn if you are ready to use some time for training.

The best thing is that you don’t need to take part to any training course as you can learn this survival skill alone just following our instructions and watching some example videos included in this article.

Depending where you live it might be very easy or a bit harder to find good area where you can practice knife throwing survival skill. You need just some space and a target. Target could be for example a tree at your backyard or forest. You can practice this also indoors if there’s enough space. Actually it’s good to practice outdoors and indoors so you will become familiar with different situations.

Here are basic steps how to throw a knife straight.

  1. Hold the knife on the top side to be fixed between the thumb and index finger. Point the tip in the direction of the palm. Don’t use double edged knives at the beginning because those might cause injury. You could also use the hammer grip, i.e. hold it same way as you hold a hammer and place your thumb on the spine of the knife. You can use the hammer trip especially when throwing heavier knives such as survival knives.
  2. Stand with your shoulders upright and set a foot in front of the other one.
  3. Estimate the distance to the target. Practice always from the same distance until you are good. Throw with the same force and movement every time when you have found the correct distance which allows the tip of the knife hit the target. Pros can throw from distance of seven rotations. You can start from the distance of one rotation. Place both your arms toward the target and keep your eyes on it.
  4. Lift your throwing arm leisurely until the knife is right at the rear of your head.
  5. Snap the throwing knife forwards and swing your weight from the rear foot to the front foot at the same time as you move your arm down.
  6. Move only your throwing hand and keep your wrist in the straight line and your shoulder immobile. Remember, your wrist needs to remain stiff.
  7. Release the knife when throwing hand is right towards the target and let your hand continue on the throwing path. The knife should strike the target! Be sure that the arm is fully stretched out and the knife points exactly to the target at the moment of release.

Below is a video showing how to throw a knife straight.

How to get the knife on the target

Start practicing with the same knife and when you are good with it, continue with different knifes. Knifes have different shapes and forms and each knife is different to throw and it’s essential to learn to throw all kind of knifes as you don’t know what you have available in emergency situation. However, of course you can keep your favorite knife always ready. Usually it’s good to learn to throw your survival knife, so there’s no need to carry multiple knifes. So, be sure that your survival knife works well also as a throwing knife which means that it needs to be strong enough to withstand the impact without damage.

What is a good throwing knife?

Simple sharp blades are the best because double edged knifes might cut your hand in the release. Throwing knife do not need to be extremely sharp because of it’s the tip of the blade that penetrates the target. Too light knife will wobble, so make sure to choose heavy enough knife. It does not need to be center balanced, however center balanced knife flights more accurately.

There are specially made throwing knifes available. Those are balanced and specially engineered for throwing. Below are few examples throwing knives designed and weighted so that it can be thrown effectively.


Let’s throw some knives,



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    Hello! thank you for the informational post! Im just starting knife throwing. let’s see how it goes.


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